Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's Curtains!

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We recently made a modification to the curtains in our All Terrain Camper. Our Camper came with curtains that were mounted on a simple curtain rod.

These worked, were simple, and provided privacy. The curtain material is quality with nice weight. We really like the curtains and their color but on rough roads the curtain rod was falling off. Or one end would fall off and bend the mounting bracket on the opposite side. Also, as the curtain bunches on the rod as it is opened, it was a bit difficult to fully open the curtain, and the Lady likes lots of light when we can.

I did some research on available RV curtain mounts and came up with these parts. This is a dark brown plastic curtain track. 

The curtain track came in an 8' piece and is easily cut to your needed length

A product called snap tape.

A carrier snaps to the snap tape.

Here is how the three parts work together.

We enlisted the aid of Mom Spider and her Husqvarna sewing machine.

With the curtain tape sewn onto the curtains, this is how it runs in the curtain track. 

Mounting the curtain track above the window was easy. The camper aluminum tube wall framing is directly above the window. I used 5/8" #6 black round head screws to attach. I predrilled holes in the track with my drill press. I placed screws every 5". ATC uses a thick walled aluminum tubing for the frame so it is necessary to drill a pilot hole prior to running the screw in.

On the ends I drilled the mounting hole between (inside) the internal guide.

This also allows anchoring of the curtain end with 3/4" screw and washer.

When sewing on the curtain tape, we allowed for an overlap in the middle of 1.25". Small squares of hook and loop were sewn in place to securely hold the curtains closed.


The curtains are each 27" long so when laid out flat will cover an area of 54". Our mounted track above the window is approximately 50" so with the overlap in the middle, the curtains are a prefect fit.

Here's the finished project with the curtains open.

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