Monday, November 18, 2013

Building Our New Camper! - Part Three

We put in time this weekend at home in preparation to building the interior.

First we built the new countertop and table and covered both in Formica. We made the table just a bit larger than the table we put in our first camper.

Most all the parts we ordered have arrived, including the new SMEV stove.

With the countertop and table ready, we moved on to cut and plane oak for book matched drawer fronts.

We also planed all the poplar to thickness for the drawer sides.

There’s an interesting and hard to explain satisfaction that comes from hands on labor. We’ll be putting a lot more of that into our new camper.

A few days later..............................

It was unmistakable, the Lady’s happiness. I met her in the garage as she drove in. Instantly out of the car, prancing in place, her hands close in front with a series of quick claps, and that grin from ear to ear. “Thursday! Really? We can get our camper on Thursday!” She was thrilled.

We’ll back up a bit here and share the continuing process of building our camper. A big thanks, again, to the crew at All Terrain Campers for the following photographs.

I had said that after my last visit they had gotten right on finishing the siding and trim. Here’s the documentation. The siding is on with the holes cut out for the windows.

Brad gets the camper in a comfortable position for work and completes the trim.

The windows are installed.

It is looking great.

The roof is put in place and the lift panels are installed to the main camper shell.

The inside Velcro strips for the top of the Cold Weather Pack are laid out for installation.

The side liner is laid out in preparation to be lowered around the roof.

It is then ready to be stretched over the edge of the roof.

The fit is perfect and the placement is just right.

The roof sheeting is carefully molded over and stapled into place. I love that nice arch to the roof.

Brad takes special care around the front corners and pop rivets installed.

Brad then molds the trim piece around the perimeter of the roof.

It is looking good and that graceful arch to the roof is still evident.

I stopped by around noon the next day. I could hardly control my excitement with the sight before me.

This is really looking great!

Marty asked, “How do you like the two inch higher lift panels?”
“It is luxurious to have headroom. I can grow my hair longer now. I’m going back inside to look at it again!”

It was one of those moments where I just wanted to continue looking at our new camper. A door installed and a couple of small items and it will be ready for delivery.

“When do you want to get it?” Marty asked.
“The Lady wants to come down also when we get it.”
We went in the office. I suggested Marty leave a message on her cell phone asking when she’d like to pick up her camper. I gave Marty the number.
“You’ll just get her message. She never answers her phone. Most of the time it’s not on.” I explained. Marty waited for the message. Instead, the Lady answered. Marty was a bit tongue tied, “Can’t I have the voicemail?” He recovered quickly. “This is Marty at All Terrain Campers. When can you come down to get your new camper?”


It was Thursday afternoon.
“Can you back a truck under a camper?” Marty asked me.
“Like I’ve never done it before?” I answered knowing Marty was kidding.
I got in the driver’s seat and wondered if I’d embarrass myself. Four years ago this operation scared the crap out of me. Both the Lady and I have gotten much better. With Marty on one side and Brad on the other, easily visible in the side mirrors, it was only a few moments – “You’re there. Cut the motor.”
Our new camper was on our truck. 

We could not be happier with the quality of these guys work and the camper they built and the care they took in making this dream come true for us. It looks right at home, right in its place.

I asked the guys to pose for a group photo, Jeff, Marty, the Lady, Brad, and Chad.

Again, a big thank you to All Terrain Campers allowing me to document the building of our camper and taking photos for me when I was not there.

Yes, I was in the camper before dawn this morning. I checked my drawings and notes and plans. All the placements of wiring and other layout to help with how the interior will be built are right on. Thanks again guys! This is great! On with the build.

To be continued………………………………………………………


  1. This is so cool - to see your camper being built from the ground up (literally). I bet it makes an even greater attachment for you all to your rig.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have the same truck. What is the height of the camper when closed on your ranger? I want to put it in my garage.

    1. Camper height from the ground is 86" - a good guess to the top of the roof vent. Our garage door opening height is 94". Our truck and camper are housed in our garage.