Monday, November 18, 2013

Building Our New Camper! - Part Two

We spent the morning of my birthday back down at All Terrain Campers. Our camper was upright and the frames for the sides were completed and ready to be joined to the main unit.

Jeff started in on the welding.

The ply for the cabover was put into place……………………………

………………………………and screwed to the frame along with a bead of sealant. It looked like all those holes I drilled were working out.

The frame was shaped around the front and screwed in place prior to welding the ends together.

Marty invited the Lady along for a quick trip to the flooring store to pick out what she wanted. That was pretty cool!

The roof was laid out over the frame and the long ribs were cut and arched.

This is a well designed and incredibly strong frame work.

There was lots of welding to get done.

Our new camper is really starting to take shape! But along with that, the ATC guys have to deal with a really anxious costumer. She is working on her patience and getting better. It’s just that she knows how much fun and adventure is out there.

We went over layout of our propane lines and the routing of wiring in the walls.

We enjoyed seeing our new interior taking shape. We will spend a lot of quality time inside this camper quickly becoming our new home away from home.

A big thank you to the ATC crew sharing the following photos of the roof construction.
The completed roof frame with the cross members in place.

The interior fabric is rolled out over the frame.

And is soon in place.

A view of the top of the roof with internal wiring in place.

Including the wires to the solar panel plug.

The aluminum sheeting is installed.

The crew at ATC have been wonderful to work with. How can you thank guys enough for providing a series of photos of the interior wiring and framing complete with measurements? They are just great people.

This camper build is so cool on so many levels from seeing it transform from a stack of tubing and lumber to become a camper to daydreaming about all the wonderful adventures ahead this camper will play a prominent role in. It is hard to contain our excitement.

I was back down at the factory to check on progress and make some decisions. It is hard to stay away and again I thank the guys for their patience with me and my curiosity.

All the 12V wiring has been routed in the walls.

The roof is ready for lift panels and to be installed on the main camper section.

The Lady’s choice of vinyl was laid out with the floor pattern.

It was a perfect fit.

What a difference a day makes.

The inside paneling has all been installed and the window/exterior openings have been cut out.

The insulation is in the walls and the aluminum siding is going on.

Also in place for a test fit is the rotopax mount on the rear wall. 

Brad and Chad continue with installing the siding.

The Yakima Tracks are in place on the roof along with the plug for the solar panel.

Marty and my attention went to the placement of the bottom board I will use to build our cabinet. It would help to get it laid out now for placement of the furnace and the propane box.

Brad helps out by double checking the dimensions and that it is square to the extension below from the floor pack. This will be my cabinet for two bottom drawers.

After we fit the furnace in its place, it is then pulled out and test fired and ran for awhile to burn off any oils.

My future work space has been established and the ATC guys got right on finishing up the siding and trim.

Pretty exciting, isn’t it! The Lady said this morning that all she’s been dreaming about is camper parts and cold mornings “out there” where we wake, alone, and wait for the sunrise.

The story continues here for Part Three

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