Monday, November 18, 2013

Building Our New Camper! - Part One

We have made the decision to get a new camper. Our first step is having a All Terrain Camper shell built. The guys at All Terrain are the best in the business. It's a small company that builds a great product. What I really like is that its the people who actually build the campers that are the ones answering the phone and our questions. Back when we were starting out and rebuilding our first camper, these guys were such a great help with materials, parts, and how to advice. Their record of service and attention to their costumers needs makes for loyal costumers like us. These guys are also fun and straight shooters. We are confident our new camper from All Terrain will hold up to our adventures and serve us very well.

I stopped by All Terrain on Oct 28th and caught a glimpse of the new camper in its infancy.
Here's the floor pack.


all the aluminum tubing ready to form the frame

and the ply board for the underside of the cabover section.

I was back down at ATC the end of last week. We removed our first camper to double check dimensions from all our notes. Measure twice, cut once.

When we started with a pop up camper 4 years ago, we were experienced outdoor people but had no experience at all with truck camper camping. We were learning everything from scratch, how all the systems operate, and how to tweak it all to fit our needs. With 236 nights spent in our first camper, we believe we’ve now got it dialed in. It works. We’re happy. We know what we want.

I want to thank Marty and Jeff at ATC for one of the best birthday gifts ever in allowing me to hang out and even help with the building of our new camper. Yup, I got to do some cutting, drill some holes, help muscle some plywood around, and work at not getting in the way. I do know my way around tools and equipment and am a follower of Red Green’s advice, “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”

Our new camper will be very close to the dimensions of our old camper. It fits the truck well and the roads we travel. Jeff talked us into an extra inch of width.

We started in on the floor pack.

The two sides are completed.

Jeff was busy at cutting aluminum and framing up the front of the camper. 

Then the welding began.

The bed board for the cabover section was cut to dimensions and ready.

Marty worked on the material for the lift panels.

And they were soon cut to size.

The pieces were moved over to the bench for assembly.

The six hinges were put together and cut to size.

The hinges were attached and the bracing added.

The oak was selected for the sliders and the bed pull. 

The back frame including the rear door placement was carefully laid out. Jeff gave expert advice on additional framing to properly support attaching and carrying a rotopax gas can on the back wall. Thanks Jeff!

The front frame and the three pieces of the floor pack were ready for assembly.

Jeff welded up the back frame.

The pieces were now ready to put together. This is starting to look like a camper!

Marty started in on getting everything lined up and put together.

It all came together.

Next, it needed to get painted. The Lady got to work with the roller.

She is both handsome and handy.

This is so much fun to watch the build unfold. 

We’ll keep this updated and hope you enjoy this also.

Continuing………click for Part Two

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