Thursday, April 1, 2021

Two Nights at the Hot Springs - March 2021


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We Almost Forgot


What a bummer that would have been. We made reservations for two nights at our favorite springs in the midst of the winter solstice holidays. During the dreary winter days of the pandemic - watching many of our neighbors throw Covid Parties, large holiday gatherings without any precautions and watching the resultant infection numbers skyrocket along with deaths - we took a mental break and dreamed of quiet time, just the two of us, soaking in restorative hot spring water. Two nights in mid March were booked.


Two questions. Would we remember and would the winter weather cooperate?


We managed to remember although finding it one day on the calendar was a wonderful surprise.


The weather was an issue. A storm rolled through Sunday night and dropped six inches of snow. We woke early, ran the tractor with the front mount snowblower to clear the road and driveways, and left mid morning. It was slow going at 25 mph for hours as chain controls were up until we approached Yerrington and Alternate 95 to continue our journey south. It continued to snow but with little sticking to the roadway. Snowstorms in rural Nevada are glorious. We broke over Montgomery Summit with patchy sun lighting up the valley below. Good times were ahead.


We took a couple hours the next day to drive into Bishop to visit a coin operated car wash. The truck and camper was covered in road grime and ice sickles still hung from the undercarriage. It was in the mid forties in Bishop.



Clouds cleared throughout the day. As sunset approached, we hoped for vibrant colors. The colors did not materialize, but the bare cottonwoods against the vibrant cold blue sky were wonderful.


















The springs are now fully booked months in advance so we were well aware all sites were filled. We were pleased that most our camping neighbors were very quiet and respectful. The only exception was Tub 10. A large group was gathered there. Alcohol (loudmouth) kicked in as the young children were put to bed. The size of the campfire grew in proportion to the amount of drinking, as did the loud jabber. We were far enough away it did not distract too much from the hot spring water and brilliant star filled sky above. We decided to try some night photography. Their bonfire is featured in this first photo.






Just as we were contemplating trying some foreground lighting, a neighbor turned on headlights.






The International Space Station showed up mid exposure after we turned the tripod and camera south.






The inn area is lit with flickering orange lighting that mimicked fireglow.






A final shot to the south.






Another small storm was due at home. In the morning, after two wonderful nights at the springs, we returned home so happy we had remembered the reservations we had made months before.


  1. Lousy neighbors = nice time lapse shots. Lousy neibors almost got you out of hot water. Washing vehicles usually = rain or snow. It's time for this April fool to shut up and go.

    1. David, you are a poet! Thanks for the nice comment and I guess we all put up with lousy neighbors at times.

  2. Great star shots! And you were able to catch Orion, just before his long summer nap.

    1. Yes Dan, we'll have to wait for Orion's return. Thanks for the kind comment.