Thursday, August 20, 2015

Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness, Montana - July 2015 - Part Eight

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We drove out past the Campground and crossed the Green River. We drove up Cub Creek Road, that soon turned to dirt. Cub Creek is bordered by beautiful sandstone, which in places has vertical smooth panels. The ancient artists worked their magic here.

The remains of an old homestead sits at road's end. Josie Morris built the place after her children were gone and she divorced from her husband. Incredibly self reliant, she lived here for 50 years.

A trail steeply climbed to the base of a vertical face in the sandstone, the site of many interesting petroglyphs.

The landscape was wonderful but storm clouds continued to haunt us.

We had a peaceful night in the campground and enjoyed our evening walk. We were back in Utah but only a few others were also out walking. We left early the next morning, but stopped in the quiet and watched the Green River flow out of the Monument on to its meeting with the Colorado River.

I don't remember when I first saw a reference to Fifth Water Hot Springs in the middle of Utah, south of Provo. Close to a huge population center, it gets hammered but is mitigated somewhat by the three mile hike required. It was midweek. We would do some exploring.

The springs line a canyon bottom, just below a waterfall. Several pools of varying water temperature dot the creek bottom.

There were several people here. It is a busy place. We were told the creek was very low and therefore some of the pools were quite hot.

The water coming over the travertine deposits of the falls was cool, a very hot source came in from the side at its base so you could sit in hot water and be cooled at the same time.

We thought the best soaking pools were just downstream. Also the creek water was quite warm so the flowing water provided a relaxing massage.

This was a nice discovery and a great way to spend an afternoon.

Dispersed camping is not allowed along the road into this area. There is a large campground. With 86 or so sites, only a handful were occupied. We picked a spot with a view in a loop all our own. Set up chores were complete and we relaxed in the quiet. A car drove in, a father with four small children, and happily and loudly set up in the site right next to us. They were absolutely, utterly clueless. I don't believe they even noticed a fully erected pop up camper and truck driving away.

Wednesday was a day to drive. We burned up some miles. We got our hour back when we crossed the state line back into Nevada. It was really starting to feel like home. We set our chairs out in the downtown park in Ely and had lunch. Back on the road, we knew exactly where we wanted to stop next - a beautiful meadow in a broad empty valley with amenities money cannot buy.

We, as you should have figured out by now, love the open expanses. We have a secret spot several miles away. 

This trip had been a delight. The high point for me throughout our travels was how happy this woman was.

There could not have been a more defining place for our last camp spot.

The evening light was pure magic.

We were completely at home.

The next morning we had an easy drive home. There was only one last stop to make just after sunrise.

So that, our friends, is the story. This is how we spent our summer vacation.


  1. Monte,Julie.Thank you for the fantastic trip.As always you two have great times and enjoy your time together.
    We over many years have traveled through many of the places you have visited,so your trips bring back so many great memories,for that and the time you spend sharing,through the blog your trips a huge THANK YOU.

    Your photos of all the great scenery and animals,what can I say but great. The moose and goats were some of the high points.The grayling what a nice fish.I remember my first from the Denali trip fun fish to catch.
    Again thank you so much.

  2. Frank, you are very welcome and thank you for the nice comments.

  3. Wow, what a ride! The moose sequence was terrific, as were all of the photos. Great stories -- you really captured Merlin's voice! Thanks for posting this whole story -- very entertaining and informative.

  4. Dan, thank you for the very nice comment.