Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Friends Pick Up Their New Camper – October 2012

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I got down to All Terrain Campers around 9 am. It was a Monday morning. It was a special day, special enough to take the morning off work and drive down to Sacramento. Our friends, Muir Trek and Outdoor Woman were picking up their brand new All Terrain Camper!

The camper’s door was open. It seemed natural to take a look inside. 

There was Muir Trek checking out the interior.

These two were excited and happy.

The guys at ATC were busy readying the truck for the new camper. We told stories about the weekend we had just spent together. The Lady and I and Muir Trek and Outdoor Woman are all instructors with the Becoming an Outdoor Woman program and we had just taught at a multi course weekend event. Lost in stories and along with questions about campers, we were surprised to see the camper elevated and ready to go on the truck.

Jeff asked, “Who’s going to back the truck under the camper.”
Outdoor Woman turned to Muir Trek, “Give me the keys.” She turned to Jeff and said, “It’s my truck and I back it up better than he does.”

Jeff gave her instructions.

“Just look in your side mirrors. Back up slowly and keep the bed rails equal distance from the sides of the camper.”

“Stop, you’re there.” Jeff said. It took me longer to tell the story than it took Outdoor Woman to put the truck perfectly under the camper. It was an impressive display of driving skills.

Marty got to work lowering the camper into the bed.

The jacks came off and the camper was looking right at home, just like it was made for the truck. Of course, because it was.

Jeff and Brad got to work installing the turnbuckles.

Then Marty started on the walk around, and walk through, and all the various instructions on how everything works and how to care for the camper.

Earlier I had been down to All Terrain and had taken a few photos of Muir Trek & Outdoor Woman's camper’s beginnings - a sink and stove, counter tops, plywood, cabinet pieces.

Lots of aluminum square tubing ready to become a frame.

It had all come together and was now a completed camper.

Time, this morning, had passed quickly. It had been fun to join in on this special occasion. Everything was now ready to go. It was time to head toward the light and hit the road.

We have just heard that their first real camper trip will be the first weekend in November. We know they are going to have fun and the Lady and I are looking forward to the first adventure we will be able to join them on.

Happy travels!

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  1. I am going to have to keep an eye on the BOW site. That weekend sounded great, a little bit of everything.