Monday, November 30, 2009

The Shake Down Trip – November 2009

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After cleaning up after the Thanksgiving feast, the Lady and I decided to just take off. We had to do it. We had put so much work in the rebuild/remodel of the used Ranger II camper we bought in late August. It was loaded on the truck and as anxious as we were for the maiden voyage.

We awoke at four Friday morning feeling like excited twelve year olds unable to sleep. "Let's have breakfast at the Hays Street Cafe in Bridgeport and ramble around the east side of the Sierra,” the Lady suggested.  Sunrise on Monitor Pass was as awesome as ever. We fed on the Hays Street Café cinnamon roll as we continued south of Bridgeport on highway 395. Friday afternoon found us in one of our favorite places, the Alabama Hills.

It was a gorgeous late fall afternoon.

We took an evening walk over to the climbers camp.

It was a cold beautiful evening with an approaching storm. Being able to stay here, among the granite formations, under the eastern escarpment of the High Sierra; this alone was worth all our efforts on our camper project.

The storm arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning. With rain and snow hitting the camper and us parked full broadside to the wind, the Lady asked on our first night sleeping in the camper, "Do you think this could blow the truck over?" We were going to find out  but there is almost nothing better than a storm blowing through.

More of Saturday morning.

We headed back north and up into the volcanic tableland area north of Bishop. More wind and snow but a promise of clearing overnight. Our remodel worked very well in "real life".

We headed toward home on highway 120 with new snow and long stretches of icy road.

It was a great inaugural trip and we hope for many adventures to follow.

Post script November 4, 2013 - These were the first two nights in our first camper. Over the course of almost four years we totaled 236 nights, nights well spent, in our home away from home. Our last trip in our first camper, and the last two nights, was the last weekend in October 2013. We traveled to Upper Summer Meadows.

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  1. I used to work with an owner of the Hays Street Cafe, during my days working for Mono County. John retired about 1980 and opened the cafe. Last I saw him was around 1985 or so at the cafe. Ironically, his son -a dentist, and daughter in law, my primary care doctor, are here in Winnemucca.