Monday, June 14, 2010

Rock Creek & Bodie - June 2010

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Okay, what does one of our adventures need? A great breakfast and hot springs!

Friends from down south, fellow teachers in one organization we instruct for, wanted a getaway - just camping, relaxation, and no shop talk. Sounded great to us! We were invited to join them up Rock Creek Canyon on the Inyo National Forest, classic High Sierra country. Rock Creek is off of 395 just south of the Mammoth Lakes turnoff.

Staying in a developed campground and spending a lot of time on meals and socializing is a bit foreign to us. But, we are good sports and these are really special people. And, you can’t go wrong having the outdoor cooking instructors along!

Leaving Friday morning, we had breakfast at Hays Street Cafe in Bridgeport. We have been getting breakfast here for years; great cinnamon rolls. They're open for breakfast and lunch.

And then we had a nice hot springs soak. The rain, snow, and wind made the spring water feel extra nice.

There are several campgrounds up Rock Creek Road. In the summer this place can be packed. East Fork Campground is the big one and accommodates large RV's. Another popular campground is Rock Creek Lake. The parking arrangement there seemed odd and would not appeal to us. Our friends had previously stayed at Pine Grove (Upper & Lower - we stayed at Lower) and that was our meeting place. No reservations, first come served, small number of units (9 & 11). All in all this was an old fashion small campground. We would stay here again.

This was our friends’ first opportunity to see our FWC/ATC hybrid camper. They were in tents. Since they provided most of the cooking supplies, most activities were at their site right next to us.

This was our first summer season visit up Rock Creek. We have backcountry skied up here in winter

Saturday we spent on a day hike up into the John Muir Wilderness. With our great winter this year, snow pack is high and the melt has been slow. If you go high, be prepared for the white stuff.

Weather on Saturday on the east side was cold and cloudy with a low pressure storm system over Nevada. With proper clothing and gear, this can be a great time to experience the high mountains.

Saturday night dinner entree was apricot chicken. All cooking this weekend was in dutch ovens. We played cards around the picnic table into the night. We were feeling quite civilized, and fat and happy.

During our discussion on what to do on Sunday, we learned they had never been to Bodie. It was on our way home and they were spending another night.

So.....good bye God, we're going to Bodie!

Or is it, good, by God, we're going to Bodie!

Bodie is truly one of this area's treasures.

A few more of Bodie.

We parted with our friends mid afternoon and we headed north. A great weekend with great people in an absolutely spectacular part of the west.

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