Monday, May 17, 2010

Nevada Quickie - May 2010

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Exploring. We get snippets of information in various ways -  a mention of someplace in a conversation, an interesting name on a sign we drive by, books, internet, and then we’re always pouring over our maps. The Lady and I love geology and reading. Our favorites are the geology series of books by John McPhee with Rising from the Plains and Basin and Range on the top shelf.

We wanted to get away again for the weekend. Nevada! This trip was just exploring. No real destination in mind but some of those little “gathered snippets” coming into play.

As we’ve all experienced, some of our best trip experiences are the unplanned, just looking around the next corner. This was a great quick trip. Please enjoy.

We left well before dawn Saturday. We like to get the driving out of the way and to start a trip out the Lady likes her first breakfast out. And it's got to be a mom & pop, down home cafe. I will spill the beans - or great home fries in this case - on this location: The Roadrunner Cafe in Dayton, just past Our Park. Try it.

Pronghorn, feral horses and burros, miles of dirt roads, pictographs, hot springs, wildflowers, sunrises and sunset, ruins, and lots of solitude; who could want for anything more?

This was a great stress reliever..........

Where to spend the night? We just turned down a primitive two track and in a mile or two found a good spot to pop the top.

On Sunday, one road we found led to an old ranch.

And in Nevada, a state that still has open space and vastness, still some of the best things are right at our feet.

Get out there, point it down a small road, and explore. We're trying!

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